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 Read This To Avoid Getting Banned.

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Read This To Avoid Getting Banned. Empty
PostSubject: Read This To Avoid Getting Banned.   Read This To Avoid Getting Banned. EmptySat Apr 28, 2012 4:31 pm

Alright. Due to the excessive amount of failure threads and terrible posting habits of recent times and members, we're laying down the law hard on the trading post. Here's some simple rules, and other mods can and will add to this:

1: Pictures are REQUIRED. No "pics will be up soon" bull----- pictures at the time of posting. Any sell or trading thread made without pictures will result in the poster being BANNED for 2 days first offense, and a week second.

2: All pictures will require a timestamp on a card or a piece of paper with the date. This is to avoid older pictures from being posted when the item is in newer condition, only to make its way to your doorstep in a crap or degenerated condition. This is for the buyers safety. We're looking out for you guys. This will not be as strictly reinforced as the first rule but it will eventually become a requirement.

3: Don't post stupid titles. Keep it simple and to the point. Don't just post "selling wheels and a fork" Post "Selling a pair of proto grippers and a Lucky SMX fork" Longer? Yes, easier to navigate for potential buyers? Also yes.

4: This is more of an annoying thing than a ban worthy offense, but please if you see someone posting a brand new proto wheel and you lowball the hell out of them expecting them to part with their $35 wheel for $20, just don't even post. Don't waste the sellers time with pathetic offers.

Mods feel free to add to this and edit as you see fit, these are just a guideline thus far, a work in progress.

I will be personally checking in the trading post much more frequently from now on.

Read This To Avoid Getting Banned. Tumblr_m1ef20M1nB1rpm25ao1_500Read This To Avoid Getting Banned. BlackriverOct12
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Read This To Avoid Getting Banned.
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