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 Contest- Shop Decks Design Contest.

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Contest- Shop Decks Design Contest. Empty
PostSubject: Contest- Shop Decks Design Contest.   Contest- Shop Decks Design Contest. EmptyTue Apr 17, 2012 12:00 pm

"YO Homies,

What's up? How is everyone?

Alright, this is what's going down. We are looking for a brandy new graphic or two from the members of FFI and beyond. Why? Because I have a creative block from hell right now and too much stuff to do for the upcoming month of SHREDNESS. SO, with that said:

What we are looking for:

-Graphic must be 118mm long and 35 mm wide.
-Graphic must have a safety margin of 2mm from each edge to preserve your hard work and make sure it doesn't get cut off. (I'll make a template available in a little while)
-Graphic must contain the word SHOP.
-If working in photoshop or illustrator, the graphic must be in 300 dpi or higher
-Preferably the graphic will refect the themes of creativity or "GO SHRED!"

Other than that, you have complete artistic freedom


Yeah, you get 2 SHOP decks with your graphic on them or one with your graphic and one of your choice.

The deadline is April 28th, my birthday @ 1PM EST.

All submissions can be posted here or emailed to Jeremy@Forfingerboarders.com

Any and all questions can be posted here pr pm'd to me or emailed to Jeremy@forfingerboarders.com

Thanks all,
-Jeremy F.


You can contact SHOPDECKS on here for further information!

Contest- Shop Decks Design Contest. Tumblr_m1ef20M1nB1rpm25ao1_500Contest- Shop Decks Design Contest. BlackriverOct12
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Contest- Shop Decks Design Contest.
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