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 Rules of this forum.

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Rules of this forum. Empty
PostSubject: Rules of this forum.   Rules of this forum. EmptyTue Apr 17, 2012 11:58 am

These rules are general guidelines and are meant to be flexible.
Even offenses that do not perfectly these rules will be taken seriously.
One account per person. No account sharing allowed. Never give out your login info.
Show EVERY member respect. Treat others how you want to be treated.
This is meant to be a positive place where everyone is welcome.
Especially respect the mod staff. In general, their input is the final word on matters.
Do not start fights or feed heated arguments. If a situations gets out of control click the 'report to mod' button so that anyone responsible will be disciplined.
Spamming and Trolling is prohibited. Even the Chit Chat section is not intended for this behavior.
Never hassle anyone for products or sponsorships. If someone wants to sponsor you, they'll contact you.
Also, do not bother members with unwelcome sales or company promotions.
Think before you post. Double check that all new threads are created in the right category.
Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Do not create a new thread or bring up a topic that has been locked or deleted by a mod.
When a mod locks or deletes a thread or topic, the conversation is over.
Selling & trading products is only allowed in the Transactions section, which you must earn access to. Read the Transactions Rules to learn how to do so.
Posting "looking for" or any other buy/sell/trade info in your sig, or any anywhere else outside of the 'Transactions' section is prohibited.

Include this phrase in the first answer of your introduction thread: "ADD TO FFI 2012"

If you break the rules, here's what happens:
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 2 week ban
3rd Offense: Perma-Ban

Immediate Bannable Offenses:
Posting adult material of a pornographic, violent, or offensive nature. Pics, videos, or text.
Writing hate speech of any kind: racism, sexism, homophobia, religious discrimination, or any other form of bigotry. This prohibition includes slang terms that may be commonly accepted in some circles. Don't use them here!
Scamming, lying, or failure to uphold your end of a deal.
Regular spamming/trolling.
Account sharing or giving out your login info.
Posting someone's address or contact information with the intent to harm or harass in any way.
Kicking someone when they're feeling down about serious struggles like health problems, relationship issues, their personal appearance, or any other sensitive situation.

Signature Guidelines:
Text Only
Text only signatures are limited to 5 lines of text (blank lines included) using the default font size or smaller. Larger fonts are limited to 3 lines of text (blank lines included).
Images Only
You may have up to 5 images in your sig, adding up to no more than 50,000 bytes total (50Kb).
Images should collectively be under 200 pixels tall X 500 pixels wide.
Images and Text
Signatures with images and text are limited to 3 pictures, at the above sizes, and 2 lines of text (blank lines included).

Rules of this forum. Tumblr_m1ef20M1nB1rpm25ao1_500Rules of this forum. BlackriverOct12
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Rules of this forum.
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